Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Layered Luxe: Color Play for Festivals of Music

Blurgh.  Just trying to figure out what to wear to the festival.  Methinks I'll layer ALL the pretty things.  Let me know your suggestions too (since an OOTD will certainly follow)!  I'm going for COLOR, FUN, and WHIMSY... XOX M

Pretty things:

Lace Bandeau. 
Wonderful fluffy skirt :)

Understated Sexy.

Oooh Perty. 

Don’t stop here! Click HERE to check out all the chic, smart ways other bloggers from AHEAD OF THE CURVE interpreted this month’s theme.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Fatkini is BACK!

Hello dear duckies!

I'm writing to let you know that the GabiFresh FATKINI IS BACK!!!  I bought mine from SwimsuitsForAll already.  Make sure to subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel so you don't miss my haul, review and OOTDs of my fabulous fatkinis.

Happy Summer!

Be brave!  Be confident!  Be fabulous no matter what your size!



PS.  They have already run out of some sizes but keep checking back (word is they will re-stock at some point :D).

My picks:

Fun, BOLD, trendy.

Feminine, Frilly, Girly.

Classic, Clean, Gorgeous.

Boho, Summery, Colorful.

One piece. Floral. Freaking awesome.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Red Hot Luxe: My Top Sexy, Fabulous, Gorgeous Valentine's Day Picks for the Plus Size Princess

Hello to all my lovely curvyliscious comrades!

Valentine's Day is (almost) upon us.  I don't know about you but I have mixed feelings about the holiday.  I like it because pink and red illuminate my the dark tundra of winter.  Free candy always brings a smile to my face (Chocolate anyone?!). AND in general, feelings of love and closeness make me fuzzy.

Of course as a single lady (all the single ladies put your hands up), it also brings on feelings of... well... DESPAIR, crisis, loneliness, depression (I exaggerate). There's nothing better than snuggling up with a boo (in this case I mean man boo and not dog boo) after a special day.  When it seems everyone else is having these warm moments, it stinks the big one to feel left out.

Long ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would keep the happy V-Day feelings and discard the bad.  I decided to do all the things that make the holiday great.  These involve pink, red, candies, and closeness with friends and family.  On year's that there is no special someone, I make a date with myself.   Will you join me?  Pretty please?  Be my Valentine?

So now that you have a sexy date with that special someone,  your buds, yourself, or ME whatever will you wear?  Being FIERCE always makes a body feel fabulous.  I'm contemplating many of the below as part of the Valentine's day GLORY.  What do you think? 

Cute as a Button Looks:

What's more darling than blush pink and hearts on V-Day?  Find it at Eshakti by clicking the image. 

I'm in love with this dress.  IN LOVE.  Can I marry it?  Click the image to find this on Asos :)

Red + Lace +Tights = Bliss.  I have this Asos dress and lerv it. Click the image for link.


GOTTA love lace and the curvy figure that peplum brings to the figure.  Find it at Asos by clicking on the image.
As you all know, I'm not ALWAYS a fan of the animal print.  But this dress (also available in Burgundy by clicking  the dress tap over at Kiyonna) is just gorgeous!  Find it on Kiyonna by clicking the image.

What's sexier than red?  See all Eshakti's red dresses by clicking the image.

Wanna be EDGY or OUT THERE?:

I LOVE PETTICOATS!!!  Major swoon factor here from Domino Dollhouse.

Velvet Skirt and Crop Top anyone?  Only from the wonderful Chubbycartwheels?  Check out the store by clicking the image.

Casual Night in Look:


XOX!  Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm a Ballerina! Plus Size Halloween Costume for the Girly Girl!

Hello my dear duckies!

Long time no blog!

But Halloween is coming!

And I have this cute and fabulous and inexpensive and REUSABLE idea for a Halloween costume!

So I thought I'd share!

This particular costume is a ballerina costume.  And involves PINK (swoon) and CUTENESS.
Let me tell you about it :)  AND my suggestions to you if you want to go ALL OUT (I didn't go all out because the event wasn't that sort of crazy!).

The TOP:  Two of its main elements are (of course!) a black bra and a black top.   I tucked the top up into the bra to make it a little belly shirt (what do you think?  cutesy? sexy? or terribly scandalous?!).  The bra is a sports bra from Champion (which has now been discontinued! crisis! it is my total favorite) and the shirt is an old one from Old Navy.  I say any bra/ shirt combo would be just dandy!  Definitely reusable too! (Is it bad that I like cheap and/or reusable things?!).

The Skirt:  It's a petticoat from Domino Dollhouse.  Isn't it the most gorgeous and fabulous pink for a ballerina?!   I had lots of fun doing different poses in it (which do you like the best?!).

I use the petticoat ALL the time for various outfits so it won't get tossed in the back of my closet.  In fact, BELOW is a picture of me wearing it over the summer under an Asos Curve dress which can be found by clicking here (and IT IS ON SALE NOW!).  I even reviewed the green dress on my YouTube Channel here.

Want this dress?  It's on sale here.
HAIR: I decided to go with long, straight, shiny hair, which is NOT very ballerina-esque.  To be honest I did it to impress a boy (they do love the long hairs!) and kinda regret that I didn't go with a LARGE and FABULOUSLY BALLERINA-Y SOCK BUN like the one below from my Instagram (@MaryDemetra).

I got the super large Sock Bun Making thing from Asos Curve here.

Hair Donut from Asos Curve HERE.

SHOES:  I went with some silver flats that I already had.  They were slipper-like and comfortable.  Next time I think I'll splurge on some real ballet shoes! 

TIGHTS:  Plain, black, boring.  I totally FORGOT my colorful tights from We Love Color (They have SO MANY AMAZING COLORED PLUS SIZE TIGHTS!).   See my review on  YouTube for more info on my fave tights. 

 Anywho, on my next go around of this outfit I'm thinking of the sock bun idea with some large PEARL earrings, darling pink lipstick (maybe a Barbie pink!), pink polish, pink tights, and ballet shoes.  Oh I will be so pretty in pink!

AND FINALLY.  This blog is part of a plus size collaboration amongst some of the most AMAZING plus size bloggers EVER!!!! You should check 'em out and tell them Mary sent ya!  They all have different styles that may float your boat!

Check out these diverse, cute, scary, AMAZING, ladies:

XOX My loves!

Mary Demetra

PS.  Join my blog over there -->  either via Google or Blogger to MAKE MY LIFE!!!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Fear and Fashion: WHY I FEAR THE UPLOAD BUTTON But Press it Anyway

So, I have a confession. I have been wanting to make YouTube videos since 2008/ 2009 when I discovered Xsparkage and Allthatglitters21, two fabulously fashionable beauty gurus on that platform.  But I didn't.  I was afraid of people hating on me (for the most obvious and uncreative of reasons, my weight).  It took me three years (and a very boring time in my life) to start making them. My first was posted in March 2012.

Since then, I've had a great experience.  Loads of you (YES YOU!) have made my life on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even this blog, absolutely AMAZING.  I get messages all the time about how, after seeing a video of mine, someone makes a bold fashion choice, shows their arms, stands up to a bully, or even just smiles.  These messages make me SMILE and really do keep me going.  I've also made lots of friends through these venues, seen lots of great fashion, and general gotten lots of positive vibes.

...and I haven't gotten too much hate. 

Yet STILL, every time I hit the "upload" button on YouTube or this blog, I am scared poopless, legitimately poopless that the the video or post will be picked up by some undesirable site and hate mail will ensue.

So what keeps me uploading (besides YOU off course, which I already covered)?! 

I continue doing me because I deserve to do it just like anyone of any size.  Just like I deserve to get where I'm going on a plane for a reasonable price.  I deserve to go to the beach and have fun in the water without wearing 500 layers of hot, heavy clothing.  I deserve to share videos on YouTube just like everyone else.  I deserve to share videos that are about living and loving and FASHION... I don't have to be typical and share videos about weight loss because the world says I should.  AND YOU DESERVE IT TOO!

Live like your gorgeous (because you are!), and carpe diem no matter what your size :)

If you enjoyed this post (or just want to support a fellow plus size chickita banana) don't forget to follow me with Google Friend Connect (upper right hand corner) or BLOGLOVIN'.

Hugs, Mary
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Plus Size Fashion Haul

What do you guys like for summer?

The YouTube Description: 

I love shopping! And I got loads of good stuff this time around. First a new snazzilicscious Gabbi Fresh PINK BIKINI. I can't wait to try it out in the pool! I also got a a yellow dress with gorgeous beading from Eshakti. It's the perfect summer sundress. Outside my comfort zone fall two finds from New Look (UK!). The first is a bright green NERD shirt as well as a comic flouncy skirt (too cool for me most definitely). MY FAVORITE ITEMS came from Asos. The first is an Asos dress in Blurred Floral (so bright and happy and summery). The second is A BARBIE DRESS... blush with beading, flow-y, float-y, GORGEOUS. I ams o wearing it on my next date! 

Hope you are all well! Let me know what you want to see next! 

Hugs, Mary


Swimsuits4all Gabi Fresh Pink Bikini: http://fave.co/11wyPLD

Plus Size Gabi Fresh Bikini in Pink: http://fave.co/11wyUiF

Eshakti: http://fave.co/11wyVD4
$40 off your first purchase with coupon code: MARY66AR (through June 25, 2013)

New Look Plus (My items no longer on the site. Things sell out FAST): http://fave.co/17Wzj4Z

Asos Curve: http://fave.co/17WySaT

Asos Pink, Blue, Blurred Dress: http://fave.co/17WyY2d

Asos Pink Barbie Dress Dress: http://fave.co/11wyCIA
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Neon and Polka Dots! Casual Plus Size OOTD Ft. Cherry Velvet via Gwynnie Bee

I really LOVE this dress from Cherry Velvet in size 3XL.  For starters the fit (fit and flare) is absolutely divine. It has two pockets.  These are useful AND add a certain cutesy element. In addition, the dress textile is DARLING.  The purple and tiny white polka dots are gloriously joyful and spring-like and youthful!  I LOVE THIS DRESS.

Paired with it, I've gone for the spring/summer neon trend with my Kate Spade bag (pink and orange neon--- perfect size for a tablet!).  I also have leggings, Steve Madden shoes from DSW, and an Asos SOCK BUN (love, love, love this new hair trend!).  I finish the look with my normal Michael Kors watch, a fab.com neon pink bracelet, and BRIGHT PINK lip butter from Revlon.....  woot!

PS.  The dress came via Gwynnie Bee.  This is my free trial (on the fence about whether I will continue it).  If you want your own FREE trial..... use my link.  I get free months when you join, which means that I can get MORE dresses to show YOU!!!!!

Free trial of Gwynnie Bee: http://goo.gl/4uLUU

Remember, Curvy is Beautiful! Go have fun!


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